Fall 2008 Utah Code Camp Announcement

Posted Tuesday, October 07, 2008 4:57 PM by Nathan Zaugg

coding_camper Another six months have come and gone and it's time for another Utah Code Camp!  I can't believe how quickly this sneaks up on me every time!  For those in the area Code Camp is a high quality, free training event!  The topics range greatly from Microsoft, Java, Ruby, XBOX & Wii Development, Agile, Project Management, etc..  These presentations are by developers for developers and allows you to catch up on the sea of new technology that continually floods us.  More on the Code Camp Manifesto can be found here.

Before I share the details I would appreciate any feedback on a good topic to present.  I haven't replied with a topic yet and I'll need to get one soon so I can get started on the presentation.  Previously I have presented on .NET 3.5 / VS 2008, WPF, and Silverlight 2.  A big topic in MSDN magazine these days seems to be parrallism, but that topic feels rather dry to me.  Other ideas I have had were LINQ in Depth, DSL Tools, F# (though I hope someone else does this one), or WPF for Newbs.

Here are the specifics:

When: Saturday November 1, 2008
Where: Neumont University, Building 2, 2nd Floor (directions)

Neumont Map


We are also always looking for sponsors.  It takes a lot to put on this event and contributions help a lot!  For more information about sponsorship, please visit http://www.utcodecamp.com