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Posted Sunday, March 19, 2017 9:38 PM by Nathan Zaugg

Coding Blocks

According to their website, the creators wanted to give back to the community through their podcast. They created a listenable format for people to learn from one another and to share what they have experienced as real life problem solvers.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and a bunch of other channels, the podcast does a great job of introducing new concepts and sharing best practices to its subscribers. Some of its most popular segments are “Clean Code” and “Mini Code Adventure,” that give you bite-sizes tidbits on subjects you need extra inspiration on.

Herding Code

If you are not very patient (which is not really an attribute of a developer, lol), Herding Code gives you exactly where things start that you would be interested in. It’s not just a bunch of guys nerding out, but they bring in some pretty big names that know what is going on in the world of programming, especially in the Microsoft world.

The really awesome part is that the links to what they talk about are actually on the notes and you can go right ahead and tinker with it as much as you want!

Yet Another Podcast

Another podcast that like to drop big names and big stats. For being another podcast, it boasts its more than three-quarter of a million download over a span of 160 episodes. Topics all over the Microsoft world and most recently the addition of Xamarin to the lineup, the podcast goes in depth with where technology will go in the coming days.

Microsoft Podcasts

MS Dev Show

THE podcast for Microsoft developers. It even says it on their “About Me.” All the Microsoft technologies- Azure/cloud services, Visual Studio, and Windows (Windows Phone).  The perfect .NET newbie podcasts of all podcasts. It’s nerding and geeking out all the time.

They are even nice enough to recognize that all achievements need to be recognized and invites its subscribers to send in topics and even guest on the show!

.NET Rocks

This podcast has been around forever! With over 1400 shows, this 2016 Software Developer Podcast Award 3rd Placer is THE .NET podcast to listen to, even in 2017. Showrunners Carl and Richard bring in their experience and love of .NET on each show.


They even give out free stuff! Devs love free stuff!

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