Nathan Zaugg Resumé

Posted Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1:24 AM by Nathan Zaugg

Nathan Zaugg


A dedicated individual with years of experience in computer programming/engineering. A dedicated member of the local technicial community with excellent leadership and training skills developed over 4 years as a consultant. 



C#/Win Forms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, WCF, Windows Workflow, LINQ/LINQ to SQL, XML/Web Services, HTML/JavaScript, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL



  • B.S., Computer Science, Weber State University, Ogden UT
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Applications Developer


  • Active organizer and contributor to NUNUG (Northern Utah .Net Users Group)
  • Active presenter to Utah Code Camp
  • Active contributor to MSDN Forums & Personal Blog

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Solutions Architect, Solution Stream – American Fork, UT                 March 2007 – Present


  • Created cutting edge architecture against the newest technologies available
  • Analyzed and refined business processes through correct application of technology
  • Developed solutions using the latest technology


Myriad Genetics

§  Analyzed and documented current systems and made recommendations for immediate gain in programmer efficiency and productivity

§  Created an Enterprise Systems Architecture and workflow processes for future development of all new process systems

§  Created a roadmap for the conversion of current systems and processes to the new architecture and process



§  Developed a multi-threaded database-driven email notification system to send newsletters to over 300,000 customers weekly

§  Optimized the creation and distribution of email delivery to a fraction of the previous running time and through the use of IOCP was able to send these emails far more quickly than the legacy system.




§  Provided technicial assistance in a complex conversion from .NET Remoting to WCF

§  Created a new security framework that allows for connection pooling and database identity managemen


Other clients include Bonneville Communications, Reister Marketing, SolutionStream Labs, Rastar Marketing, Neighbourhubs, Land Capital, and Ultradent.


Senior Developer, Software Technology Group - SLC UT            Oct 2004 to March 2007


  • Lead a very large project to successful completion ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Trained clients in and utilized the principles of Agile including XP, Scrum and Crystal
  • Worked directly with clients, subject matter experts, and other development resources to define and design solutions that fit within time, budget, and resource constraints


LDS Church

§  Led a large development team in the creation of a complex smart client application that is used by the scheduling office internally at the Church

§  Successfully implemented new technology’s not previously used in the organization

§  Worked closely with both the scheduling office and ICS to correctly set expectations and define project scope for a project that has failed in five different attempts for the past ten years


Shephard Enterprises

§  Worked closely with a difficult client on a difficult project for specialized home inspections

§  Led development and functioned as an assistant project manager


Reed Data

§  Wrote a .net remoting application that interfaced with a Delphi COM object and processed billing information


Natures Sunshine

§  Created a dynamic “skinned” distributor sales site and the portal responsible for maintaining these sites

§  Implemented a security strategy using custom tags (attributes) which calculated permissions on users and groups for different portlets of the page

§  Used new features of ASP.NET including ASP.NET AJAX technology’s for performance and elegance



§  Created a content management system in which XML documents can be presented as syndicated content through any hospital website

§  Worked with web services and web services standards to provide a syndication platform for dynamic content

§  Created a publish tool in which documents could be authored and displayed using various templates and validated and stored in Microsoft SQL Server




Systems Dev. Senior Specialist, ACS – SLC, UT                          Dec 2003 to Oct 2004


  • Lead a very large development team which included both domestic and off-shore resources
  • Created systems for Paperless Processes for high volume validation, entry, and storage of critical driver credentials
  • Worked directly with clients, subject matter experts, and other development resources to define and design solutions that fit within time, budget, and resource constraints




§  Designed a system capable of very high volume paperless processes and very high volume databases

§  Led a development team is writing data entry & validation application, Queue Maintenance and a customer ervice application General Maintenance utilizing both domestic and foreign work forces.

§  Optimized SQL Server Query execution to increase performance to acceptable operating parameters on database tables that are over 500 million records deep



Application Developer, Weber State UniversityOgden, UT  Jan 2002- May 2004


  • Lead a small development team in writing asp and web solutions to support the student affairs department
  • Migrated development practices from asp to for all new applications written and designed and wrote a security model for all SAWEB applications
  • Trained other developers in object oriented concepts and implemented a technology stack for applications written by our department.


Kolumn Keeper, TSA – Tutor Support Application, Kitten Keeper, RentMaster, Liberty Elections Application, Crystal Crest, Note Taker, GroupList


§  Designed, implemented and maintained, solutions using Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

§  Created a web template-based system on .net 1.1 that gave each page a consistent look and feel as well as checked security context.  It was designed to closely mimic Master Pages in the 2.0 framework so conversion to 2.0 would simplified

§  Designed a new security model to support the elections application which greatly mitigated possible vulnerabilities in an online voting application.

§  The previous application was compromised within 3 years whereas this system has not been compromised.




Owner/Consultant, PCfx Computers/ProNetHost            Jan 2001 to Jan 2004


  • Sold contracts with smaller local businesses to function as their IT department
  • Performed routine maintenance on computer hardware internal networks and provided training for permanent IT staff.  Also managed Windows Servers, Cisco Routers, Microsoft SQL Servers, DNS Services, Watchguard Firewalls, and IDS/IPS systems
  • Wrote custom software solutions integral to the functioning of several local businesses


US Translation Document Tracking Software


§  Completed a complex integration with Great Plains Accounting Software with the UST Financial Reports project and the Time Tracking project

§  Worked closely with the customers to make sure all needs are being meet                     

Nonstop Music

§  Technicial Lead on Music Distribution website

§  Used the latest technology for ASP.NET AJAX, JQuery, SQL Full Text Search, and others to create a website capible of searching for music while sampling tracks