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Lambda expressions tutorial for C# and Visual Studio 2008
Published 9 January 9 8:31 PM | Phil Gilmore
Phil Gilmore Lambda expressions are one of the cool new features of .NET 3.5 and are available in the C# compiler inside Visual Studio 2008. They can make code more readable and permit the framework to provide some really neat functionality when mixed...
Regular expression for email addresses (replacing the Visual Studio 2008 default).
Published 9 January 9 11:19 AM | Phil Gilmore
Phil Gilmore I recently had a user report that they couldn't register on my client's site. The site's registration page reported that their email address was invalid. The email address was indeed strange but valid nonetheless. We were using a regular...
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FreePascal Error: Illegal parameter: -Opentium3
Published 5 January 9 11:44 AM | Phil Gilmore
Phil Gilmore I was trying to build an existing Delphi DLL as a 64-bit DLL using FreePascal 2.2.2. I opened the .dpr file which is as simple as a DLL project can get. I clicked Compile , then Build . The build failed on line 0 with the error "Illegal parameter...