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  • Customer Experience Improvement Program

    In my blog series of “Too Funny to Not Post” comes this latest edition. I opened up a certain beta Microsoft product. It then prompted me with this dialog box: When working with a Beta product I usually opt into such programs (not so with released products). I suppose there was little point in beta testing a product if I do not provide any
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 08-08-2011
  • App of the Week - App Inventor for Android

    I ran into this really neat app this week called App Inventor for Android .  It allows for rapid prototyping of Android applications.  I have used DroidDraw in the past and have found it to be very helpful in designing Android UI.  It won’t do anything when I’m done but I can at least save me some of the guesswork involved in UI layout
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 07-27-2011
  • WinFUSE

    This archive contains WinFUSE, a user-mode file system driver. It also contains other, similar, projects: FileDisk HttpDisk WinS3FS FUSE is a linux "proxy driver" that allows API calls made in the Kernel to be proxied up to a user-mode application to provide the implimentation details. The same is true on Windows. The appropiate drivers are
    Posted to Projects (MediaGallery) by Nathan Zaugg on 07-26-2011
  • Advice to High-School Age Engineers

    I have a buddy who was going to be giving some presentations to high-school kids. Specifically he asked: What would you be looking for if they approached you about work? Perhaps you are in that age group right now. What do you want to know? Perhaps you are just a few years into the workforce. What do you wish someone had told you but never did? Perhaps
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 07-26-2011
  • Code Duel to learn more about Pex and Code Contracts

    Here is a fun little C# Duel: (click Random Puzzle) I solved my first one in just 1 try (compilations) so it doesn’t take long to try. What is Pex and how does it work? Basically Pex is a tool to help you write Unit Tests by actually calculating all of the permutations
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 06-28-2011
  • Effective User Interfaces

    I am a continual student of good user interfaces (UI). When asked what my weakness is as an Interview question I will almost always admit that I am severely UI impaired! If the UI is designed professionally then I can usually implement it pretty well, but if I am left to my own devices to create a UI the resulting creation is U-G-L-Y!!!!!  More
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 06-06-2011
  • Goodbye .NET Reflector, Hello ILSpy!

    I am one of those that was quite upset about the announcement from RedGate that .NET Reflector would no longer be free.  Particularly since it was given to them for free and they have only mucked things up from the original.  It was also my understanding that one of the conditions under which Lutz Roeder gave them the code was that the tool
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 05-25-2011
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to be #2 by 2015 Says Gartner

    I really like my HTC HD7 phone.  I bought it the day they came out (although I had to visit two or three different places before I could get it).  I sure wish I got the OLED display in the deal but overall I’m pretty happy with the phone – although I haven’t had the time to develop the apps I wanted to for it.  My only other qualm might
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 04-07-2011
  • HTML 5 Presentation

    I just got back from Denver and the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3.  I will post more about the trip soon, but for now you can download my slides and examples in the links below. HTML5 Presentation by Nate Zaugg
    Posted to Nate's Stuff (Weblog) by Nathan Zaugg on 03-06-2011
  • HTML5 Presentation

    This is the HTML Presentation I did in March for Northern Utah .NET Users Group (NUNUG), Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3 (Denver, CO), and upcoming Utah Code Camp.
    Posted to Nate (MediaGallery) by Nathan Zaugg on 03-06-2011
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