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  • Exception Handling Philosophy

    It's time for another episode of Good Idea / Bad Idea: Good Idea! Catching a specific exception from a suspect numeric conversion and showing a polite input error message. Bad Idea! Catching all exceptions and "swallowing" the exception. Okay, so it's not as funny as it is on Animaniacs , but true none...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 03-23-2009
  • Avoiding Circular Dependencies

    The term "circular dependency" may be foreign to some programmers (especially if you do Java as it is a pretty common practice). However, anyone who has done some scripting for a referential database knows that you have to run scripts in a certain order. Running scripts out of order causes...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 06-09-2008
  • Unit Testing Philosophy -- Code Coverage is meaningless....

    While I am a big fan of unit testing I often try to point out that Code Coverage tells us little more than “are there unit tests” not “are we unit testing”. The former indicates that the code is indeed being executed . The latter indicates that the code is being exercised . Scott Hanselman describes...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 04-23-2008
  • Debugging with Process Monitor

    Now I am not much of a low-level debugger type. I've seen people use WinDbg like it was an extension of their hand! I am not one of those people but I would sure like to be. Lately I have been working on a project that does some pretty tricky code hooking of some User Mode API calls in Kernal32.dll...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-05-2007
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