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  • CSMediator Mediator Pattern Implementation in C#

    This contains the source for the implementation of the Mediator pattern for M-V-VM, MVC, or MVP architectures.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 07-12-2010
  • Silverlight 4 : A First Look

    This past weekend I got to fly to Denver and present at the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v2 . It was a lot of fun! I can see why people get addicted to code camp ! My presentation was on Silverlight 4 and some of the new features in this release. There were so many new features that I couldn't possibly...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 03-02-2010
  • Creating a Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Application

    Silverlight 2 is great! Silverlight 3 is AWESOME! My first experiences with the beta framework and tools have been overwhelmingly positive. In this post I’ll go over my experience creating an application using some of the new features and I’ll show how easy it is to make your Silverlight...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 04-27-2009
  • I am Certifiable!

    It may come as no surprise to those who know me that I have recently confirmed that I am certifiable!  After all, when you have been doing what I do for as long as I have been doing it it’s hard not to be affected.  It happens to a very large number of people in my field and that number continues...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 04-10-2009
  • Silverlight 3 Announced

    This announcement on Scott Gu's blog touts the success of the launch of Silverlight 2.0 and announces Silverlight 3.0. Out of the success stories noted on the blog one of the coolest applications is the new Netflix player! Having worked only a little in Silverlight but a lot in WPF I have been very disappointed...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-18-2008
  • Silverlight 2.0 Presentation

    This is the presentation I gave at the Spring 2008 Utah Code Camp.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 11-18-2008
  • Silverlight 2 Released!

    Silverlight 2 has been released and boasts many new features. Silverlight is a cross-platform RIA (Rich Internet Applications) platform designed to enhance the web experience. Silverlight allows developers to use a familiar set of tools and technologies to deploy functionality via the web. Silverlight...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-15-2008
  • Silverlight 2 RC0 Released

    Silverlight 2 is not far from reality! With the first RC coming just months after the beta 2 release and promises of a full release coming soon we can start migrating existing beta 2 code to RC0 which is supposed to be compatible with the actual release. The announcement is posted on Scott Gu's blog...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-09-2008
  • New Technology Meets Old Game

    I am not a gamer! I would get killed playing anything modern! I was never very good at the games I did play (back in the 90's) like Marathon or StarCraft. I did like games before that but they were mostly DOS based games. I loved Cyberbox, a little game where you try to navigate your dot from one...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 07-14-2008
  • Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Released & Installation Help

    Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 has been released. This version is supposed to be pretty stable as I understand it. The tools on the other hand, still feel very much like a beta! I had a heck of a time getting this junk installed! The link to download Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 for Visual Studio is here...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 06-09-2008
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