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  • Converting a Vector PDF image to a XAML Drawing Brush

    A couple of weeks ago I listened to a presentation by Scott Hanselman about scaling your life . One of the many great pieces of advice is to blog about something rather than email an answer. So this afternoon my good friend Alex asked me how we used to convert Vector PDF images to XAML Drawing Brushes...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-02-2013
  • Goodbye .NET Reflector, Hello ILSpy!

    I am one of those that was quite upset about the announcement from RedGate that .NET Reflector would no longer be free.  Particularly since it was given to them for free and they have only mucked things up from the original.  It was also my understanding that one of the conditions under which...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 05-25-2011
  • Visual NDepend Blows My Socks Off!

    I’m not easily impressed by even the best of software.  There is usually some little thing that ruins my user experience.  I tell you this so you know that what I say next is something special.  Visual NDepend is AWESOME!  Everything meet or far exceeded my expectations!  If...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 02-26-2009
  • Great WPF Editor

    There is Expression Blend, Visual Studio, XamlPad that we are all aware of and use on a regular biases for creating our XAML. One that I am adding to the top of my XAML editor list is Kaxaml! This is the lightest weight most useful XAML editor I have ever seen! It's got a great WPF/Blend look and is...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-09-2008
  • Smart Rename - Source

    Smart Rename File Renamer Source Files. Used to rename files in bulk like images.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 11-18-2008
  • Smart Rename - Binary

    File Renamer application; mainly used for image renaming.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 11-18-2008
  • Easily Generate Business Objects From The Database

    I know the title of this post is a little bit of a misnomer, business objects will never map 1 to 1 with relational database objects. However, when just starting out and when you get to control the schema of the database, it sure makes a good starting point and this trick makes it really easy and avoids...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 09-23-2008
  • Getting the Assembly Qualified Name for a .NET Object

    Have you ever needed to add a line to a config file like: < type ="Config.RoleService, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /> These fully qualified types are not easy to figure out. The syntax is a bit confusing and the PublicKeyToken is hard...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 07-11-2008
  • Avoiding Circular Dependencies

    The term "circular dependency" may be foreign to some programmers (especially if you do Java as it is a pretty common practice). However, anyone who has done some scripting for a referential database knows that you have to run scripts in a certain order. Running scripts out of order causes...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 06-09-2008
  • SmartRename :: File Renamer

    Last week our camera card filled up. Like most people, we'd almost rather buy a new, bigger card rather than try to go through the process of getting the photos onto the computer, processed, and burned to CD's. We decided that with about 2GB of pictures and videos on our cards we better download them...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 03-08-2008
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