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  • Converting a Vector PDF image to a XAML Drawing Brush

    A couple of weeks ago I listened to a presentation by Scott Hanselman about scaling your life . One of the many great pieces of advice is to blog about something rather than email an answer. So this afternoon my good friend Alex asked me how we used to convert Vector PDF images to XAML Drawing Brushes...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-02-2013
  • CSMediator Mediator Pattern Implementation in C#

    This contains the source for the implementation of the Mediator pattern for M-V-VM, MVC, or MVP architectures.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 07-12-2010
  • 6 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Data Binding in WPF

    I fell in love with WPF the first time I saw it in action! WPF is a thing of pure beauty! Anyway, from the second I saw how the data binding worked I knew that there was going to be a lot to figure out there! It also seems as though there is no real data binding expert -- or the experts don't blog too...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 01-21-2009
  • Silverlight 3 Announced

    This announcement on Scott Gu's blog touts the success of the launch of Silverlight 2.0 and announces Silverlight 3.0. Out of the success stories noted on the blog one of the coolest applications is the new Netflix player! Having worked only a little in Silverlight but a lot in WPF I have been very disappointed...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-18-2008
  • Great WPF Editor

    There is Expression Blend, Visual Studio, XamlPad that we are all aware of and use on a regular biases for creating our XAML. One that I am adding to the top of my XAML editor list is Kaxaml! This is the lightest weight most useful XAML editor I have ever seen! It's got a great WPF/Blend look and is...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-09-2008
  • WPF In Depth Presentation

    This is the WPF In Depth Presentation I gave at the Fall 2007 Utah Code Camp.
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 11-18-2008
  • Utah DNUG :: UI Design Patterns

    Presenter: Joe McBride Date: Thursday November 13, 2008 Place: Neumont University I am pretty excited about this. I am a big fan of design patterns and the presentation promises to cover MVC and MVP design patterns and those are not well understood architectures and I was also interested to see how it...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 11-13-2008
  • Routed Event Code Snippet

    I find it really strange that there are code snippets for Dependency Properties but not Routed Events! Routed Events allow events to tunnel (preview) events up a visual tree and bubble them back down the visual tree. Any control along the tree can subscribe to these events and handle them. You can also...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-15-2008
  • Routed Event Snippet

    This is a snippit "revent" that creates a routed event declairation in your form. Copy this file to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC#\Snippets\1033\NetFX30
    Posted to MediaGallery by Nathan Zaugg on 10-15-2008
  • Silverlight 2 RC0 Released

    Silverlight 2 is not far from reality! With the first RC coming just months after the beta 2 release and promises of a full release coming soon we can start migrating existing beta 2 code to RC0 which is supposed to be compatible with the actual release. The announcement is posted on Scott Gu's blog...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-09-2008
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