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  • Getting the ProductID of an Installed Program

    It’s sometimes nice to be able to uninstall a previous version of your product before installing a completely different new replacement app. You can do this by using the msiexec /u {product id} command but who the heck knows the Product ID? I do if I wrote the installer but that’s not always the case...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 02-14-2013
  • Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

    I have been playing with Windows 7 in my VM machine for a few weeks now and have found it to be amazingly fast and lean!  So what will keep people from making the leap from XP to Windows 7? Application and hardware compatibility of course!  Windows has such a large following now days in large...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 04-28-2009
  • Time is running out to download Windows 7 Beta

    There have been a lot of buzz around Windows 7 lately. Most people plan to migrate from XP straight to Windows 7, skipping Vista altogether! Personally I have really liked Vista. The only real issue I had is it wouldn't run a really old game that I used to play on Windows XP. Considering the game was...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 01-14-2009
  • Windows Vista VPN Client Connection Issues

    I had a problem connecting to my companies VPN a while ago. I found running the following helpful: Uninstall PPTP & L2TP Protocols: Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. PS C:\Windows\System32> netcfg -u MS_PPTP Trying to uninstall MS_PPTP ... ...done...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 11-14-2008
  • Ink in WPF -- Using TextInputPanel for Text Input

    WPF has built-in controls for ink, but is missing much of the API that is available in the TabletPC SDK 1.7. As a result, unless you are doing the most basic and mundane ink you will be required to use this library. One of those basic things that are missing is the ability to open the TextInputPanel...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 10-01-2008
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged :: Round 1 - Theoretical

    I am asked all of the time about the performance of managed vs. unmanaged code and "how much slower is it?". This is one of the questions I am going to attempt to answer using experimentation. In this post I'll talk about some of the theory and make some predictions (I haven't written...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 08-11-2008
  • Firefox is Evil!

    There are a few things that make me really angry with Internet companies. The first one was when Verisign took over control of the root domain servers and started serving ad's on any non-existent domain! The second was recently where a large ISP is selling peoples so-called non-personal information...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 06-21-2008
  • Removing an account from the login screen in Windows XP and Windows Vista

    You have no idea how it got there but one day you start your computer and get several new "accounts" you can login as. This is very annoying and frustrating! Fortunately there is a way to "hide" those accounts without affecting the applications that added them. Here is the process...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 03-21-2008
  • SmartRename :: File Renamer

    Last week our camera card filled up. Like most people, we'd almost rather buy a new, bigger card rather than try to go through the process of getting the photos onto the computer, processed, and burned to CD's. We decided that with about 2GB of pictures and videos on our cards we better download them...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 03-08-2008
  • Debugging with Process Monitor

    Now I am not much of a low-level debugger type. I've seen people use WinDbg like it was an extension of their hand! I am not one of those people but I would sure like to be. Lately I have been working on a project that does some pretty tricky code hooking of some User Mode API calls in Kernal32.dll...
    Posted to Weblog by Nathan Zaugg on 12-05-2007
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