Booing the Former President on Inauguration Day Shows Very Poor Taste!

Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2009 1:11 PM by Nathan Zaugg

There are things that people do that are in poor taste.  Some things that come to mind is scavenging at the dump (yeah, I saw this guy do that one time), yelling at the waitress for onions on your burger,  or leaving the lavatory without property sanitizing your hands.  If you do any of those things you are likely guilty of poor taste. 

Now, I don't really like Bush nor do I like Obama but I do show proper respect to both of these individuals.  Being a Republican without a party I tend to starkly disagree with much of President Obama's platform.  I understand that many people have a lot of pent up emotion and anger toward the decisions the previous administration has made.  Personally I have much of it toward both former President Bush and President Obama, but there is absolutely no way I would ever boo either of them at the inaugural ceremony!  Apparently many of those in attendance choose to boo anytime President Bush and Vice President Cheney where shown on the screen.  Having recently undergone back surgery, Vice President Cheney was in a wheel chair for heavens sakes! 

I have personally never been to an inauguration, but I should think that the kind of patriotic atmosphere that exists would prohibit such disgustingly undignified acts.  To those who choose to boo, you have none of my respect!  I place you below the people who use profane language, below people who put gum under restaurant tables, below people who throw lit cigarettes out the window, and even below people spit on the ground while indoors.  You people have no sense of taste and could never earn respect from anyone who does.